Throws himself into the water to save a dog from drowning

A mysterious and courageous unknown saved the life of a dog Monday, October 29, throwing himself into the Royal Canal at Sète.

The coolness of the water did not deter the man, who did not hesitate long before to rush to the aid of the dog in danger , a small Basset tawny of Brittany

He throws himself into the water, then disappears

It is what tells the site of Midi Libre a commercial of Midif, who assisted and contributed to the rescue of the animal.

He was on a canal platform when he saw a young man, about 30 years old. years, take off his clothes, then jump into the water.

The man ignored the cold to swim to the dog , take him in his arms, and bring him back to the water. wharf where the employee of Midif recovered the animal. " This man was cold blue" say the employees of the company witnessed this courageous and heroic rescue.

Neither chipped nor tattooed

The commercial then proposed to the young stranger to warm up a moment in his car. A few minutes later, the benefactor of the Basset de Bretagne disappeared while the animal was recovering from his emotions near the employees of Midif. It was installed in a box, near a radiator, and feasted on kibble cat food!

Unfortunately, the dog is neither chipped nor tattooed. After taking him to the vet, one of Midif's employees welcomed him to his home.

We can only hope that the animal will quickly find a loving family from whom he will forget this accident and will know all the happiness he deserves .