We take away the custody of his dog obese

Starving a dog , everyone agrees to say it, it is inhuman. But is it also cruelty to make your dog obese by feeding him too much?

This is in any case what a Scottish court has just decided that Ralph Dryden has caused unnecessary suffering to his dog by letting it grow.

The dog in question is Bob, a 4 year old black Labrador who weighed more than 64 kilos , twice the average weight recommended for this breed of dog

His owner defended himself by saying that Bob Labrador was already overweight when he adopted it... but the 4 rations of dog food plus the fish he gave him at eating every day did not help.

When his new owner came to pick him up to his master, Bob could not get into the car that was taking him. He could not even make the distance to the vehicle. According to him Bob is a new dog today, he has a new youth.

This is not the first time a master is punished by justice for this kind of treatment. Last September, in Great Britain, an owner was fined more than 1300 € because his dog was 70 kilos instead of the 25 kilos recommended.

An inspector of the RSCPA (the UK equivalent of our SPA) states that if the penalties are harsh it is for homeowners to understand that feeding too much his dog is as bad as letting him starve. Do you think that the two situations are comparable ?

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