He is denied boarding a train because of his kitten, he kills

Because he was not allowed to take his kitten on public transport, this man decided to kill him!

Public places and transport in common often have very strict rules about animals. And these rules do not please everyone.

He kills his cat in front of everyone

In Ontario, Canada, a 23-year-old boy was denied access to the train. a train because it carried a kitten on his shoulder . A security guard told her to come down. Visibly upset, the young man threw the kitten on the ground before began to trample . All under the stunned eyes of people on the train. Very calmly, the man then took a bus, as if nothing had happened and before anyone had the time to react.

The man was finally arrested some stations more far away when he had just stolen money from a bus passenger. Accused of cruelty to an animal, he is currently in custody with a deposit set at $ 75,000.

The kitten has not survived .

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