He finds his hen weird, approaches and attends an incredible scene (Video)

The farmer certainly did not expect that.

It's on a farm in New South Wales that this adorable story that will make you warm to the heart. One morning, the farmer gets up and goes around his beasts like every day. It is by passing in front of the henhouse that it is surprised to see a hen that refuses to move . He then decides to wait a few moments, then finding the behavior of the animal to the least strange, he raises the chicken.

There, he finds two warm eggs and also sees two adorable kittens that the hen was just hatching to keep them warm! A really touching sight for the farmer who immediately understood that the chicken kept the kittens warm while their mom came back.

Visibly not embarrassed at all by these two little surprise guests, the hen took pleasure in keeping them under its wings and the kittens seem to be asking for more !

A really beautiful video that you can discover below. There is no need to say, the animals really have a big heart and they prove it every day.

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