He films his dog during his absence, which he discovers makes him die of laughter (Video)

Some dogs are really full of resources!

Not understanding how his bitch was doing to open the fridge and go to use it, Adam Montiel decided to use the great means and has flat installed a camera to get it right

"Allie, our 12-year-old Labrador, opened the fridge and freezer. We could not understand how she was doing, so I plugged in a gopro camera to find out .

On the video, we can see the bitch heading most naturally to the fridge before opening the drawer with ease disconcerting . Then, she opens the doors with the help of her mouth, always as if everything was absolutely normal.

Then the dog has only to use the fridge.

"My girlfriend has learned to Allie to open a drawer where his toys were, we did not even think that the freezer itself was a big giant drawer... with food!

A lesson visibly totally assimilated. On his way home, Adam Montiel could not help but laugh at such a disaster!

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