He entrusts his dog to a pet-sitter and does not come back for him, he never could have imagined the following

Having an animal is a big responsibility that some people should not have.

It all starts at the end of 2016. Pablo the Chihuahua is entrusted by his master to a pet sitter to keep him. But what was to be a short absence became an abandonment since no one ever came looking for poor Pablo ...

Terrified and stressed, Pablo began to bark incessantly, asking why his master did not come back for him. After five months, the pet-sitter then posted a particularly cruel message on social networks in which he explained he no longer bore the barking of the dog and threatened to sell it on a classifieds site or take him to a refuge for him to be euthanized

An urgent rescue

It was about the same time that the association AMA Animal Rescue heard about the history of Pablo and discovered that he lived in a closet for five months at his pet-sitter who no longer wanted to hear him barking .

Once at the shelter, Pablo continued to be suspicious and to bark more than of reason. He was also a little aggressive in the presence of men. He needed other things. After several veterinary examinations, the little Chihuahua was finally placed in a host family.

AMA Animal Rescue

15 minutes after meeting with his foster mother, Pablo began to relax and all is unrolled wonderfully. For six months, Pablo attended various classes to be more sociable and calm. And the metamorphosis was amazing . Completed the incessant barking, now Pablo knows how to relax and even accepts the presence of other dogs!

So much so that in December 2017 he was ready to be adopted.

A new life for Pablo

As soon as Maura McHale crossed Pablo's photo, it was love at first sight. The young woman who lives in Queens has always dreamed of a Chihuahua and she wants only one thing: to give a new life to Pablo. After some checking, Pablo was able to find Maura McHale who is his new mother .

The second Pablo realized that he had found a house for him with someone to love him, he rushed to his new mother to cuddle and lick her. A very nice meeting.

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