He enters a shelter with his dog, which he says leaves everyone in shock (Video)

One terrible drowning.

It's impossible not to see the sign when you enter the Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington, North Carolina. On this sign, we can read that the refuge is full and that the animals that will be deposited there are very likely to be euthanized .

A terrified dog and a cruel abandon

When Jasper the Beagle entered this shelter with his master, he obviously could not read this sign, but he immediately felt that something was wrong. Very nervous, the eight-year-old dog then hid behind the legs of his master while he waited to sign the papers of abandonment.

Donna Grooms

When the Jasper's tower arrived, the shelter members again explained that Jasper would probably be euthanized. An announcement that did not change much, except that the man announced that he would retrieve the dog's necklace as a souvenir ! Words that hurt the whole team.

The man then made his way to the exit and left. Jasper tried to follow him, in vain.

"He was upset because he wanted to leave with his dad.

A New Chance for Jasper

Upset by Jasper's abandonment, the shelter members immediately posted an ad to find a new family. On the ad you can read next to the photo of Jasper "I have nothing. Dad took my necklace, my leash and my medal to keep some memories.

Luckily, this touching announcement met with success and a 23-year-old volunteered to adopt Jasper. Nobody knew how Jasper would react to this new "dad", but the dog surprised everyone by being particularly affectionate .

After thirty minutes, Jasper was already at home . And his joie de vivre is a pleasure to see after all he has gone through.

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