He drives his dog by car: six months in prison

Last week, the small village of Orginy-Sainte-Benoite had witnessed a spectacle of the most unsustainable s: a Dalmatian was dragged by his owner's car, attached to the hitch ball. The dog has not survived this drama.

The witnesses, newlyweds and their guests who had just left the town hall after the exchange of their veals, have first spotted the traces of blood left by the dog on the road. When the driver was stopped at a red light, several people tried to stop him. The man then got out of his vehicle to retrieve his dog and put it inside the car before fleeing.

This torture was inflicted on the poor beast because of his permanent barking, for which his owner was summoned to the town hall. If there is no possible justification for such an act, the baseness of this motive will not be able to convince of its insane gesture and boundless barbarism.

Animal welfare associations immediately seized the case, and reacted strongly when the court did not prohibit the man from owning an animal again. The culprit will however have to spend six months in prison. Several Internet users have also launched petitions to punish those responsible for these acts.

" The law provides for this prohibition in case of acts of cruelty. But in this case, they are perfectly recognized and the animal is dead. "explained Muriel Arnal, president of the association One Voice.

This kind of tragedy reminds us of that of Mambo the dog martyr and is unfortunately not so exceptional. Some people do not yet understand that animals should be treated with respect. Let's hope at least that this drama will open our eyes to the condition and animal rights and that this Dalmatian will not be dead for anything.