He asks for justice for his dog killed by mistake by a police officer

Michael Paxton, a resident of Austin, USA, was playing peacefully with his dog in the garden , when a policeman burst into his home, threatened him with his weapon, then shot his dog .

He now seeks justice for Cisco , his Bouvier d'Australie who was his 7-year-old friend.

What happened in a few seconds to Michael helplessly watching the death of his dog? The policeman had made a mistake ...

While was playing Frisbee with Cisco in the backyard behind his house, Michael left his dog for a few seconds to pick up something from his truck parked in front of the house.

There, he comes face to face with a police officer who points a gun at him and orders him by shouting to put his hands in the air .

Taken aback, Michael runs. Cisco the dog hears the cries and runs from the back of the garden towards the policeman, to protect his master .

The policeman panics, and while shouting at Michael to show his hands, he orders him to keep his dog .

Unable to respect these two contradictory orders, and frightened by the gun, Michael kept his hands up in begging the policeman not to kill his animal ... But the policeman fired on the dog , died a few seconds later

Cisco and his master... Complices

A petition to make justice to Cisco the dog

Shocked, confused and quite angry, the man asks the policeman, " Why did you kill my dog? I live here. What are you doing here?

Very quickly, the policeman realizes that he made a mistake . He was called for a domestic violence case, and Michael lives alone with his dog.

This tragic event took place on April 14, and since then, the man who lost his faithful companion has been campaigning on the net for justice to be done to his dog .

He asks in a petition that the officer, who showed no remorse and did not not apologize to Michael, be held responsible. He also calls for the Austin Police Department to use lethal weapons on dogs as a last resort.

His petition has already gathered more than 77,000 signatures and the Facebook page that it opened in memory of Cisco counts more than 100,000 members .