He decides to follow his nine-year-old son who disappears every day, which he sees totally upsets him

Sometimes a simple gesture can change everything.

Ken is a nine-year-old boy living in a remote corner of the Philippines. And every day since a long time, Ken has the same ritual: he leaves his house to walk around - without giving more details - and only returns long minutes later .

Intrigued by the Behavior of his son even if he has full confidence in him, the father of Ken decides one day to follow him to discover what he does every day. And what he saw was utterly upsetting to him.

A little boy with a big heart

In fact, every day Ken left his house to feed the stray dogs in his neighborhood. And if many of these dogs - manhandled by life - were afraid of men, they quickly bonded close ties with the little boy in who they obviously trust .

According to Ken, the beginnings were been difficult and at first he could not stand near the dogs. Then, things were better gradually and today Ken even manages to caress some! Proof that with a lot of patience and love can get results .

After taking some pictures, Ken's father decided that it was his duty to help his son in this very beautiful mission and he participated in turn. So that no one takes any risks, father and son have been vaccinated.

A beautiful project

To help more stray dogs, Ken and his father have launched an association of volunteers named Happy Animals Club . Following this, Ken's father bought a large piece of land near his home in order to found one of the largest shelters in the area.

Thanks to them, especially Ken, hundreds of dogs could be saved

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