He crosses the United States to save hundreds of dogs from euthanasia

Twice a month, Greg Mahle, a man from Ohio, travels more than 4000 kilometers across the United States. Its mission To save euthanasia from stray dogs in the south of the country. He brings the animals back to his truck and finds them loving families.

2000 dogs saved each year

Each year, he would give a second chance to 2000 dogs thanks to his association Rescue Road Trips . At each of his stops, in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama or Tennessee, he is expected by a crowd of people who have collected stray dogs and chose to entrust them to them rather than driving them in overcrowded shelters where a certain death awaits them

Volunteers also come to him to help him feed and care for the dozens of dogs he recovers from his travels.

"C is like being in a truck full of winners of the lottery "

At night, Greg Mahle sleeps on a mattress on the floor of his truck, among the most fearful dogs he tries to reassure by dint of hugs and soft words

"It's like being in a truck full of winners of the lottery, I can see it in their eyes and their behavior. They know something good is going to happen to them "says the fifties

He puts a point of honor to bring dogs confident, clean and happy to the families who are so eagerly awaiting him in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont.

Greg Mahle, married and father of a little girl, has may have difficulty paying bills, but he is paid smiles and tears of happiness every time he drops a dog in the arms of his new master . " No one ever took care of them, they were thrown away like garbage, and now they are precious members of their new families " he says.