He creates a beer... for his dog!

Drink a beer with his best friend, this is a very pleasant activity, which so much in the 4 corners of the world

A simple desire to drink a beer with your dog

But what to do when one of your most faithful companions is a dog? Create a beer just for par dan!

That's what Daniel Keeton, an American bartender, brewer did in his spare time.

The man had long lamented that his dog was deprived of the pleasure of drinking good beer. So he decided to brew a special beer for his companion.

Dawg Crog, a healthy, alcohol-free beer

The result of this somewhat incongruous project is called Dawg Grog. This is a drink described by its creator as " healthy and nutritional ", based on vegetable broth, water, glucosamine, and brewer's grains, residues of plant products often used for animal feed

Rest assured, this beer is alcohol free Daniel is not irresponsible, and he loves his dog. He will not do it So never any harm.

And Daniel's four-legged companion is not the only doggie to have the pleasure of drinking this amazing drink . The bartender launched his small dog beer business! A website, and a Facebook page introduce us to the Dawg Grog in more detail.

And if you wish, you can order Daniel's beer online

Dog beer also exists in France!

Amazed by this funny idea? Be aware that dog beer also exists in France, and for a while already.

Sold 2.20 euros a bottle, on the site pump-a-biere.com in particular, the Kwispelbier is a beer flavored with beef !