He breaks the window of a car to save a dog from agony (video of the day)

In Canada, Ontario, a man broke the window of a car with a stone to save a dog was locked up by an infernal heat.

The scene, filmed by a passer-by named Will Costa, shows the man throwing a big stone against the window of the BMW. Twenty minutes were needed before it broke. Inside the cockpit was a small, white Bichon type dog, soaked and dehydrated .

Witnesses of the scene were eager to water the animal, while others called the police. A concert was held near the car park where the car was parked. At the microphone, the host sent a message to the public to ask the owner of the car to return his dog as soon as possible. It was only fifty minutes later that a couple posing as the dog's masters arrived, looking embarrassed. "I think another 50 minutes would have been fatal" , said the author of the video.

Today, the little dog is healthy . The police asked the couple to go to the police station, but it is not certain at the moment that he is being prosecuted by the courts. Yet in Canada, people who leave their animals locked in their vehicles in a life-threatening situation can face up to $ 60,000 in incarceration and a lifetime ban on owning animals. .

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