He thinks he wants to adopt a little dog, but a few months later he understands his mistake (Video)

A big surprise!

Like many people, Sue dreamed only of one thing: adopt a dog. Unfortunately, her husband Robert did not hear it that way and was hard to convince. After many discussions, the couple agrees: Sue will be able to have her dog on the condition that it is a small dog .

A love at first sight and a " little "lie

While visiting a shelter, Sue immediately fell under the spell of a cute little puppy. She can not then resolve to leave it and adopt it. She then announces to her husband that the puppy - named Yogi - is none other than Jack Russell and that he will not become so big . A "little" lie since the puppy is actually a Great Dane that will become huge. And not just a little.

The months go by, and little by little Robert understands that something is wrong. His Yogi dog becomes more and more imposing, and does not look like a Jack Russel. He realizes then that his wife told him a lie. And because Yogi quickly becomes one of the largest dogs in the world with a tail as long as a baseball bat and not less than 95 kilos on the scale!

Fortunately for Sue and Robert, Yogi is an adorable dog and finally everyone got used to him despite his size XXL and his side slightly (but then very slightly) bulky . Even Robert is now a fan of his dog!

Below, you can discover Yogi on video.

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