He beats his dog when the lift doors close

A 21-year-old American was arrested for cruelty to an animal . He used to walk the young Chihuahua of his girlfriend, Chuvi-Duvi . As soon as the elevator doors closed, he struck the animal with extreme violence

Chris Grant, the young man in question was filmed without his knowledge by a camera of surveillance placed in the elevator by the police for a completely different matter

On the images, we see Chris calmly entering the elevator accompanied by the 1-year-old Chihuahua on a leash. Barely closed doors, his behavior changes : he pulls the dog towards him using the leash and then gives him violent kicks that project it against the walls of the elevator.

The dog is terrified, nailed to the ground. The worst happens. Taking advantage of the love the dog has to spare, he calls him to come against his knees. The dog runs while wagging his tail... it is only to repel him with kicks that redouble his strength.

These pictures we will not show you. They are the symbol of what humanity has to offer worse: violence and stupidity . These are images that we would not want to see for anything in the world.

Chris Grant has been arrested and will be tried for cruelty to an animal. Chuvi-Duvi the Chihuahua is cared for in a veterinary clinic , but his days are fortunately not in danger.