He beats his dog, refuses to abandon him so an association must do the unimaginable

Sometimes it is necessary to use the great means.

No one knows why the owner of Lucy has always refused to entrust her to an association when he beat the poor bitch on a daily basis . One day, in irrepressible anger, the man starts kicking his Pitbull dog. Her mouth is then smashed in two places against a brick, Lucy's life is hanging by a thread and she is only one year old...

An extreme plan

An animal protection association located in Cairo then hears about Lucy's case and decides to intervene before it's too late . But the master still stubbornly refuses to give up his dog, without giving any further explanation.

The association then decides that it is still necessary to act and contacts the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) group to obtain the help needed to rescue Lucy

They took advantage of a moment when Lucy was alone receiving medical attention to take the bitch away from her master, she did not will never see him again .

"They told her she was dead and immediately took her off to JFK airport," Lauren Connelly of SNARR told The Dodo. had not done it, she would probably have suffered and received even more blows. Besides, she could not feed herself because of her broken jaw.

A New Life

Through a network, Lucy traveled to Pittsburgh where she was placed with a family to receive care. In addition to her broken jaw, the dog suffered from a large infection in the mouth, which had to be treated quickly.

For her jaw, it was necessary to start all over again in order to rebuild her as she was damaged, but with time things started to get better. But Lucy's biggest injury is in her heart after so many months of abuse and pain. Fortunately, she is now entitled to a new life.

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