He adopts a Pitbull bitch and decides to give it up for a very cruel reason

Poor Helena asked only to receive love

Every day, many dogs are brought to shelters for really arbitrary and unfair reasons This is the case of Helena.

Found in the streets of Atlanta last September, Helena - 4 years old - was quickly adopted. In a month she had found her family. After a life of misfortune , the dog dreamed of only one thing: to be surrounded by love, to cuddle galore and kisses to everyone.

But a few days ago, Helena was back at the LifeLine Animal Project shelter for precisely this reason: she was too affectionate, too kind

A cruel surrender

In Taking Helena back to the shelter, the man explained that she was way too soft and wanted a guard dog. He also said that it would probably be better for Helena to be adopted by a woman because they are better at cuddling animals.

By adopting a Pitbull dog, the man was not expecting obviously not to fall on a dog as adorable . According to the shelter, abandonment for such reasons is a novelty and everyone was very shocked...

While waiting to find her new family for life, Helena enjoys all the hugs she receives at the shelter. A true love

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