He abandons his dog while going to buy a coffee and leaves a revolting word

A scene barely believable.

A few days ago, the Santa Fe SPA received a call about a man who had just given up his dog in front of a cafe. A scene that was also recorded in its entirety by the surveillance cameras of the Dunkin 'Donuts

A cruel surrender

On the video, we can clearly see the man - but unfortunately not his license plate - get out of his car followed by his dog. He enters the Dunkin 'Donuts and orders a coffee, while completely ignoring the animal that has a word on his collar. The most naturally in the world, the man then goes back in his car, leaving his dog behind him, and set off again.

On the little word hanging on the collar of the poor dog, one can read " I'm free, I'm expecting little ones . The bitch was immediately taken over by Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society, while her "master" is actively sought after to answer for her actions. And the refuge to specify that unfortunately this type of abandonment is more frequent than one thinks...

Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

For the moment, it is still early to say if the dog really waits babies, but one thing is certain, she is now safe and has no worries anymore.

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