He abandons his dog in the middle of the street, but did not notice that he was filmed (Video)

A terrible video

On 21 December in Belgium, a very cruel scene made the rounds of social networks: a man gets out of his car, sends down a dog and leaves, leaving the poor animal alone, lost and panicked. Following the broadcast of this video, many people wanted to help the little bitch abandoned in conditions as sad and cruel.

But the little bitch - named Vanille - is so distraught that she does not let herself be caught. She will finally be found in the garden of an individual not far from his place of abandonment. Aware, the police then pick up the dog and decide to look for her family to shed light on this whole story.

A terrible family history

After some research, the police discovers that it is actually a family conflict that escalated. It is not the master of Vanilla who decided to abandon it, but his father-in-law following an argument .

Conscious that it was necessary to do the best for Vanille, his teachers have decided to have her adopted by another family so that she will never be left on her own or abandoned. Today, Vanilla is resting in her new home for life where she gets all the love she needs.

Carolina P-nv

Below you can see the video of the abandonment of Vanille.

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