He abandons his dog by tying him to a tree for a totally absurd reason

You really do not have to have a heart to do this.

It all starts a few days ago when a man residing in the city of Brownsburg-Chatham in Canada comes home and discovers that his dog totally lacerated his sofa which is nothing but the shadow of himself. Furious, the man then makes a terrible decision: he attaches his dog to a tree and leaves it with a small sign indicating that it is to give. This in a time of -10 degrees.

" I had a nervous breakdown and decided to get rid of . I regret what I did, I should have offered it to someone else, "explained the man.

Fortunately, the dog will not stay alone for a long time since it will be quickly rescued by the Canine Patrol who then took charge of him

A fine and a police visit

Visibly quite proud of his behavior, the man boasted of abandonment of his 10-month-old dog at his workplace. He was therefore easily located and fined $ 500. It is also likely that his second dog is placed in another family. In the meantime, Max - the abandoned dog - has been entrusted to a refuge where we will take good care of him and where we will find him a new family for life.

To justify himself to the police, the man has also explained that the dog regularly destroyed the furniture of his house and damaged everything in its path. Explanations that do not justify in any way such a cruel act .

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