Having a dog becomes a sign of protest in Iran

Since the religious state of Iran, led with an iron hand by President Ahmadinejad, has multiplied interventions to disapprove of the possession of domestic dogs, the middle class has made the animal an outward sign of rebellion.

All institutions of Iran are based on the principle of Koranic law the more severe , also some animals such as pork or dog are considered impure.

In the strict sense of the term, it is not forbidden to own a dog, but it is frowned upon to regard him as a pet . Categorized as "pollutant", it would dirty the place of life of its owners. It is therefore advisable for dog owners to regularly clean the spaces that the animal frequents.

Show his opposition to the State

While owning a dog can make you look like an opponent to the religious state, the Iranian middle class has seized the symbol of the domestic dog to organize a protest movement.

The "clandestine" dog salons are getting organized, most of them home time, just like small canine protection associations.

Paradoxically, the more the religious institution condemns the possession of a domestic dog via Iranian television or radio, the more the industry of the dog explodes with a middle class who intends to assert the little freedom he has left!