Having an animal is good for your health

Why do so many people have one or more pets? What does it bring them? A congress was held in Stockholm, Sweden in early July. Its goal ? Knowing the benefits of animals on men

This congress was initiated by the Manimalis association, which collects and compiles a wealth of information about effects positive effects of domestic animals on human beings.

interesting statistics were unveiled. In fact, pet owners would consult their doctor 15% less often than someone who does not. The pet, dog, cat, rodent, etc., would have a stronger moral and greater self-confidence. Less stress and anxiety are part of the benefits of owning an animal!

Better health

Apart from the psychological impact, the dog owner will have fewer health problems that others: regularly take out his companion on all fours, play with him, or run, keeps fit and avoid obesity.

In addition, a fun experience was carried out in the street: a young man accosted women, with or without his dog. Without the animal, he obtained their number in 8.7% of the cases, against 46.2% when he walked it!

More than 50% of French households now own an animal A figure that can be brought up, if we believe the benefice that they can bring!