Happy end for Electra, the abandoned bitch looking so miserable

While the video of his abandonment went around the world as this bitch was sad realizing that his family would not come back, she finally found a family

Finished the sad look and the devastated look . Electra, the crossed Pitbull bitch who made the world cry with the video of her abandonment, has found the joy of living by finding a family of adoption.

A new life

Filmed in a state of great distress important when it arrived at the shelter, Electra moved the whole world with its big sad eyes. So much so that many people came forward to help the young bitch aged four. It's finally a single mom who had the chance to bring the beautiful Electra home, to the delight of her teenager 16.

For the moment, everything is going well for the young dog in his new house. Every day, a member of the shelter comes to check that all is well, because it could have sequelae of his past trauma.

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"Every dog ​​is different, they are like us. Some adapt better than others. I think they are aware of being saved . This dog is the proof. She knows she was saved. She adapts perfectly to her new life.

Not aggressive for two cents and very attached to his new family , Electra is today like a charm

A happy end as we like them!

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