HANDI'CHIENS has awarded its 2000th service dog!

At a ceremony in the Salons de l'Hotel de Ville in Paris, association HANDI'CHIENS had the joy of handing over several assistance dogs to people suffering from a disability or dependence.

30 years after its creation, HANDI'CHIENS has just given, not without some emotion, his 2000th service dog at a ceremony hosted by Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. More than 600 guests, beneficiaries, volunteers, educators, partners and patrons attended this event in the Salons de l'Hôtel de Ville.

Dogs capable of responding to 52 orders

Laurent Baffie, godfather of HANDI'CHIENS for several years, was also present, as was Laurence Boccolini, godmother of two of the returned dogs, who did not hide having spent " a day full of joy and emotion".

Emotion, yes, there was at the official presentation of Lover, Lol, Lutti, Lety, Lost or Lasso to their respective new masters! These beautiful Golden Retrievers and Labrador have now joined a new home where they can carry out their mission as a service dog: able to answer no less than 52 orders after two years of training, they are a valuable support for children and adults with disabilities or addictions. "A handi'chien simply helps to live better and surpasses himself," explains Yvette Schmidt, HANDI'CHIENS 'administrator.

HANDI'CHIENS, what is it?

HANDI'CHIENS educates dogs from assistance for children or adults with motor disabilities, children suffering from autistic, trisomic or multi-handicapped disorders, as well as elderly patients in a state of dependency, accommodated in institutions. The goal of a service dog is to allow a return to autonomy, break the isolation and help social integration. Next February, HANDI'CHIENS will also give his first dogs for assistance and warning for people with epilepsy.

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