Handi'Chiens: 25 years old, 1,800 service dogs handed over and so much happiness for their masters

This weekend, the association Handi'Chiens celebrated its 25th anniversary . 25 years during which 1800 assistance dogs, awakening and social support were given to children and adults with disabilities. On this occasion, the little Lubin, 7 years old and ambassador of the Telethon 2014, was entrusted with the leash of Hevea, his service dog and undoubtedly future best friend.

The multiple benefits of the dogs of assistance

This dog has like all the other dogs donated by the association over the last 25 years, followed a long course before being ready to join his young master. Raised by a host family for 16 months and then trained in one of the four Handi'Chiens education centers for another 6 months, Hevea answers more than 50 commands such as opening and closing a door , pick up an object, turn on the light, accompany his master to the stores and help him make a deal or bark on command.

These dogs are wonderful allies for the people they make their daily lives easier. And their role is not limited to the commands they have learned, these animals are true psychological supports, and if we believe the results of the survey conducted by the association, they are also good for health of their masters : 1 beneficiary out of 3 does less call to the doctor than before and 1 beneficiary out of 4 has significantly reduced its consumption of drugs, reveals this study carried out with 600 people.

The survey also shows how much the presence of a service dog improves the social interactions of the beneficiaries. 92% of respondents believe that the eyes of others have changed and 96% say that contact with others is facilitated

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These dogs can truly work miracles, as we as recently stated in an interview Yvette Schmidt, the vice-president of Handi'Chiens

Handi'Chiens in a few figures

Handi'chiens in 2014, it is:

- 1800 dogs handed
- 500 volunteers, including 330 host families
- 17 specially trained educators
- More than 360 in training
- 4 educational centers accredited by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education

How to help Handi'Chiens

Of course, training these dogs at a very high cost "13 600 euros is the sum that covers both the buying the dog, all the expenses when he is in a host family, and his 6 months in a training center, but a dog is worth more than 13,600 euros! " reminded Yvette Schmidt
Handi'Chiens is counting on your donations of course, but is also always looking for host families with the mission of socializing the puppy and ensuring his pre-education.

Si you want to know more and help Handi'Chiens, go on the website of the association .