Haiti's rescue dogs: Animal Expo stars

dog heroes were at the honor this new edition of Animal Expo , the largest pet show in France. And the trip was worth it: rescue dogs who responded to the Haiti earthquake, were awarded the Medal of Courage and Dedication !

The organizers of Animal Expo have seen things in a big way: at the entrance of the show, a decoration after the earthquake is installed. It is at this time that the teams of the U.I.I.S.C.7 (Unit of Instruction and Intervention of the Civil Security) of Brignoles (Var) enter the scene. The cynotechnic group consisting of lifeguards accompanied by their Belgian Shepherds Malinois staged.

A member of the public volunteers to hide discreetly under the rubble with a ribbon which the dog knows the smell. Once on the scene, the animal sniffs in every corner to find the smell he knows. In a few seconds it's done and he tells his master that he found what he was looking for.

The rescue engineers tell us that in real conditions their work is much more difficult: the attention of the dog is lost after 20 minutes, and the more time passes, the more his sense of smell is disturbed by the decomposing bodies.

Moreover, the work of these dogs is very difficult. They can sneak into places inaccessible to humans, but collapse threatens them at any time and they can injure themselves with debris.

Dogs hero medalists

5 dogs from the UIISC7 were present at Animal Expo, not only to show the extent of their talents to the overwhelmed crowd, but also to receive a medal for an act of courage and dedication

Benhur, Lasko, Spyke, Ulysses and Virgyle are presented with their dog handlers to receive their decoration from the Ministry of the Interior. These dogs have indeed saved more than 20 people from the rubble, a real feat.

The presentation of the medals was emotionally charged, especially as Swan, one of the dogs of the 9-year-old unit, was dead during operations rescues in Haiti. It was decorated for act of courage and dedication posthumously.

The dog's view is hidden when the "victim" hides

The dog does not lose 1 second to find the "survivor"

The rescue dog has completed his mission less than a minute!

The medals of the 5 hero dogs

The tender moment of the medal ceremony