Guilty, a dog has the funniest of reactions to try to be forgiven

Our four-legged friends, great professionals of nonsense? It is certainly not Daniel Martino who will say the opposite! Indeed, his dog nibbled something that should not... and had a hard time assuming it.

Daniel Martino, a young Argentinian, recently made the buzz with his video. In it we can see his pitbull to be scolded after having a slipper. But the most fun is the reaction of the dog who, failing to endorse his guilt, ends up hiding behind his sidekick Oddie, a beautiful long-haired Dachshund.

" Who did this? , "asks the owner to his two companions from the beginning of the video, while waving the slipper. Shortly after this question, the pitbull lands behind his friend, displaying a guilty and shameful . As for Oddie, he is named by his human accomplice, and it looks like these accusations do not really like to see his face saddened!

Nevertheless, Internet users are reassured: Daniel Martino had no harm to forgive for his adorable companions! Indeed, the latter posted a photo of him alongside his doggies, on his account Instagram , adding: " For those who ask the question haha. Thank you for the good waves! »

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