Grumpy Cat presents the weather in an application for iPhone

Definitely, Grumpy Cat will never stop! After a book, a movie, advertising campaigns, and even a brand of coffee with his image, Grumpy Cat now lends its cranky face to a application for iPhone .

An innovative application

Weather Kitty is the name of this application which allows you to obtain weather forecasts presented by cats . Not less than a hundred cats, including the famous Grumpy cat, take turns to talk about the rain and good weather on your phone. And it's free!

The application, which came into existence on Monday, was invented by Shiv Takhar and Suraj Hemnan, who see it as " a logical and amusing progression " since " cats direct Internet ". Indeed, there was already Weather Puppy, a similar application in which puppies illustrate the weather. This time, the cats are in power!

Optional extensions

For 1.79 €, we can replace the photos of the cats proposed by default by those of his own animal, or download images of the famous Grumpy Cat .

To download Weather Kitty on the App Store, click here (free).

Find out all about Grumpy Cat on his Facebook page .