Grumpy Cat becomes the ambassador for a brand of croquettes!

After his book, his TV show, his film, his weather app, or his coffee brand, you thought maybe Grumpy Cat would stop there.

Well you were wrong, the most famous cat on the web never stops ! The grumpy cat, Tardar Sauce by its very name, is now the ambassador of the Friskies range of croquettes.

A Grumpy Cat Award of Excellence

Not sure this news gives Grumpy cat a smile... No more than the reward she stops receiving. " She's very busy . The first thing she'll do for us is to receive an award of excellence ," said Julie Catron, spokesperson for the brand.

C ' will be on October 15, in New York, the matou always in a bad mood will be decorated, as part of a ceremony rewarding the best cat videos of the year , elected by Internet users.

At the first edition of the Friskies Awards, it was Oskar, a little blind cat who moved the whole world, who won the first prize.

But what will Tardar Sauce do?

The brand has I do not know what the role of his new ambassador really will be. No doubt Grumpy Cat will have to be content with head , something she does better than anyone else, it must be admitted.

Grumpy Cat has already lent her brand image a few months ago, in a campaign featuring a feline competition: