Group cats

Cats have a very fluid social organization. When food sources disperse on both sides of the territory, for example on an island populated by birds nesting on the ground, cats are solitary ; but if the food is abundant and concentrated in one place, such as on a farm, the cats are very

. They usually live in groups. a male and some females related to each other. Cats groom each other and can share the education of the little ones; it is harder for them to accept another adult cat in the group. In a


habitat, the area of ​​cats may reach 1.2 ha per female and 12 ha per male. Exploration of the territory In city , the density is so high that we can count 10 cats for less than half a hectare. In general, the territory of a dominant male includes the territories of females. Although the male does not hunt on the territory of the females, he will chase any male intruder. Cats may share a central core area, but most of their activity and hunting is in territorial areas

exclusive Exploration and its repeated marking are acts necessary to maintain this exclusivity. In addition to

predatory aggression