Grooming the Scottish Terrier

Equipment required for the grooming of the Scottish Terrier

Mower , combs 10, 7/8, 8, 5, possibly 7 (if mowing instead of waxing). Cardes, comb , trimmers, straight scissors, curved, notched, nail clippers, clip. With all these grooming accessories specific to the Scottish terrier you are ready to attack your pet's toilet.

Follow the steps one by one using the diagram below. If you are a beginner, keep in mind that the easiest way to learn how to groom is to look at the actions of your groomer. Between sessions at home you can practice on your pet to "refresh" his cup.

1. Shorn skull and ears n ° 10
2. Long truffle 1/3 ear
3. Neck shaved or notched
4. Cut throat and shoulders n ° 8,5
5. Saddle and top of the tail shaved n ° 7 or cut with scissors notched
6. Shorn sides and underside of tail n ° 7 or cut with scissors notched
7. Marked waist back rib 8. Round feet

Grooming Scottish Terrier step by step

Mow the skull about 2 centimeters behind the eyebrows, up to the occiput. Mow gently between the eyebrows to separate them. After having shaved the outer third of the eyebrows (attention to the eyelids), go down on the cheeks vertically from the outer corner of the eye, then shave the front of the cheeks from the inner edge of the eye. commissure of the lips (and the lower jaw behind the beard)

Mow the ears (inside / outside) keeping a tuft at the entrance of the pavilions and between them. Epilez (or shear # 7) from the nape of the neck to above the included tail (the sides and bottom are cut with scissors notched or sheared in the direction of the hair). Descend on the flanks along a line from the top of the scapula to the tip of the buttock (the latter being flattened).

Mow (n ° 8,5) or epilate with the fine trimmer if excellent quality of hair, from the back of the ear to the back of the shoulder by clearing it well, as well as the entire throat and chest (we keep him only a few fringes between the legs). Thin (scissors notched) skirts and upper legs (there should be no effect puff). Mow (n ° 10) the abdomen, the outline of the sex, the inside of the top of the thighs.

Mow (n ° 7/8) the underparts of paw . Epile the inside of the ears, cut the nails. Perfectly disentangle the areas left long. Bath with a shampoo for "hard hair". Dry in a blow dry. Foliate hair removal or iron the mower. Carefully connect the short and long areas to the serrated scissors or trimmer.

Trim the fringes from below by marking the size behind the sides. Cut the rounds of feet in circles without touching the top. Cut the pointed ears with straight scissors (be careful not to hurt). Equalize eyebrows, beard and mustaches, with the head looking as long and narrow as possible. Cut the tufts left in front of the pavilions so that they hide their lower third.

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