Maltese Bichon grooming

The standard of the Maltese Bichon according to the FCI

Maltese Bichon dress : very dense, silky, shiny, heavy, abundant, long and without undercoat. The hair keeps straightness without deviation, and its average length is 22 cm. All animals must be covered with a long coat (trunk, neck, skull, ears, muzzle, tail and extremities).

In addition to the shine, length and whiteness, density of dense hairs

of Maltese must fall heavily towards the ground, like a thick blanket which would be stuck to the trunk; it must not present locks, with the exception of the posterior faces of the limbs. The whole mass of the fur must be stiff, the only curves tolerated being those of the body. Color of Bichon Maltese

: pure white. Are admitted, but not desired, yellow or beige shades on the ears. The intense spots, even small, are not accepted.

Characteristics and grooming of the Maltese Bichon Formerly, it was a whim of the aristocracy, but nowadays it has spread to the whole world. A Maltese marching on the central ring with his gait to the ground is a pleasure for the eyes. Small, majestic, tender and soft, it is ideal for patients with free time, because the care it requires must be done willingly, never in a hurry or in anger

Hunting must be removed once or twice daily as needed. If the animal has any

lacrimal obstruction, its tears will stain and darken the area of ​​the eye; if this happens, it will be very hard to apply a specific lotion, based on boric acid which discolours the hair damaged by the acidity of the tears. There are also creams that waterproof these locks, thus preventing them from getting wet. In no case should the hairs of this region be cut; the only solution is good hygiene. Ears

are to be watched because there are hairs that need to be removed. It is also necessary to cut the hair around the anus and slightly touch the base of the tail, which will highlight its high insertion. The foot pads

must be rid of excess hair, and the feet, round, to be covered by the dress, dense and extremely long. Nails that are too long can hinder his gait. You can also correct the hair that grows just under the truffle. An animal intended to walk the footbridges must be accustomed to brushing at an early age The baths will be weekly

and use specific balsamic and moisturizing shampoos to reinforce the white color (made from natural products with violet, which whiten without oxidizing the hair). The use of a balm detangling

and nourishing to restructure the dress and give it shine and vitality is indispensable. These products are essential to ensure the fall that the hair must have; they will give him more body and suppleness. From the age of 10 months, we can begin to wrap the hair of this sophisticated dog: papillotes protect the hair structure by preventing it from drying out and being damaged. Drying

will begin on the lower and inner parts, ending in the uppermost surface areas; it must always be done in the direction of the hair. The air should not be too hot, as it may dry out or even partially burn the diaper. It will be necessary to apply a conditioner, but no balm during the bath which precedes an exhibition, so that the animal has a natural aspect. Finally, it will be necessary to draw a line

perfectly straight the along the column, from the occipital to the tail. Hair attached in one or two small duvets on the top of the skull are characteristic. The quality of care of the coat is such that the small elastics should not touch the hair directly, but be placed on a small white protective tissue paper. A pet Maltese may impose less specialized care to its owner. The

mowing of the inner lower part does not change the standard image but may be more hygienic and practical. Another type of cut will depend on the state of the dress as well as the creativity of the stylist.