Grooming of the Airedale Terrier

Equipment required for the grooming of the Airedale Terrier

Mower , combs 10, 7/8, possibly 7 (if mowing instead of waxing). Cardes, comb , brush, nail clipper, earplug, medium and fine trimmers, straight scissors, curved, notched. Once you have all these dog grooming accessories in hand, you are ready to attack the cup of your Airedale terrier.

Follow the instructions and refer to the following diagram in order to carry out as much as possible the grooming of your Airedale terrier. If you do this "as an amateur", get all the proper utensils and follow the steps exactly. Keep in mind that nothing is worth a visit to the groomer when one is not an expert.

Toilettage de l'Airedale Terrier

1. Skull, ears, shorn throat No. 10
2. Neck, chest and shoulder shorn short or shaved
3. Body shaved or shorn 7
4. Shorn ribs and undersides n ° 7 or cut with scissors notched
5. Very clean groin cut with scissors notched
6. Clean cut pants with scissors
7. Very round cut toes

Grooming the Airedale Terrier step by step

Mow (# 10) the skull from the back of the eyebrows to the occiput, as well as the ears ( indoor / outdoor), including clip. Shave the outer third of the eyebrows (pay attention to the eyelid), then go down vertically along the cheek. Also cut the throat and jaw attachment to the corner of the lips

Epilex (or shear # 7) the saddle from the withers until the tail is born. This one is either depilated or cut with scissors notched. Descend very low on the flanks leaving only a few fringes along the chest, a little above the level of the elbow.

Epilate at the end trimmer (or mow) from the back of the ear at the back of the scapula, releasing the shoulder until the birth of the paw, as well as the throat, the front of the neck and the chest, keeping only few fringes between the anterior ones. Epilez (or mow) from the middle of the thigh to the tip of the hock. The buttocks are flattened by hair removal, with the clipper or scissors notched

Perfectly connect all short areas to long areas with serrated scissors. Carefully unravel the areas left long. Mow the abdomen (# 10) and the underside of the leg (# 7/8). Cut the nails, pluck the inside of the ears. Bathe with a shampoo for hard hair. Blow dry at the paws and whiskers

Carefully trim the edge of the ears with straight scissors . Equalize with curved scissors the trousers of the hind legs. Cut the round toes well round without removing any hair on the tops of the feet. Connect the back of the thighs (very short) with the front (long).

Trim the trousers from the front legs with the straight scissors, the tops of the feet as at the back. Equalize the short fringes left along the chest and between the front legs. Brush head hair forward, trim angled eyebrows (they should not protrude to the side), then cut the brick-shaped head with straight scissors. Shorten and trim the beard.

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