Great Odyssey 2011: dog sled dogs in the spotlight

If you are told 300 dogs snow marathoners, 22 of the world's best mushers and 1000 km of spectacular course in the Alps, what do you think? Yes, the Great Odyssey Savoie Mont Blanc

Since 2005, this dog sled race has been held in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie mountains, between Switzerland and France, for an adventure exceptional. The January 8 will mark the launch of this international race, for 2 weeks punctuated by 11 stages totaling 1000 km.

Dogs and mushers cold-proof

The Huskies and Malamutes of the Alaska are dogs that know the cold and are able to cross it. However, the brave beasts will be the subject of special attention because they are the strength of this race. And with 14 dogs per musher, it will take attention and care.

Moreover, a veterinarian is present throughout the race to verify that the dogs are in good health. If this is not the case, the musher will be sanctioned or excluded from the race.

Being musher is also knowing how to drive your team. Manage the effort, the steep drops, the speed, the fatigue... Its know-how is the ultimate condition to win the Great Odyssey

In harmony with the nature

All the crew of this magnificent adventure will live in extreme conditions for more than 2 weeks, with 25 000 meters of altitude, bivouacs at more than 2000 meters of altitude , and 70% of courses outside the ski areas.

In other words men and dogs will be equipped to face the freezing cold and fatigue. The other condition for finishing the race and, perhaps, winning: knowing his dogs on the fingertips.

The musher trains several years with his dogs before embarking on the race, so that he directs them only by the voice . The rein or the whip are forbidden, under penalty of disqualification.

And in the key, there are rewards equivalent to $ 100,000, even if the greatest reward is to have participated in this human adventure... and animal

The Great Odyssey Savoie Mont Blanc 2011