Great Odyssey 2014: 400 dogs race in the toughest race in the world

Yesterday, Sunday 12 January, 25 mushers and 400 sled dogs from all over the world set off at the start of the most difficult race in the world: the Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year

800 km, 2 weeks of racing

It was in the Carroz resort in Haute-Savoie that the kick-off of the race was given, each team consisting of 14 dogs (12 harnessed at the same time), Malamutes and Huskies. for the most part
The arrival is scheduled for January 22 at Val Cenis, Haute Ma Urienne Vanoise, after 8 stages and two weeks of racing over 800 kilometers

Dogs and mushers came the day before the start to meet the public. Many had made the trip to admire and encourage these magnificent crews, reports France 3 .

Pampered dogs

True athletes, dogs participating in the race are pampered. Veterinarians follow them throughout the competition to make sure they are healthy and well treated. They also check that they are not doped.

Any form of mistreatment leads to the immediate disqualification of the musher.

Of course, such a race requires confidence and complicity seamless between the man and his dogs. The musher knows his animals by heart, and trains with them for years before participating in a race as difficult as the Great Odyssey. And to make himself obeyed, he has only his voice, the reins and whips being strictly prohibited during the competition.

" It is extremely authentic, it is beautiful. there is a real relationship between these men, these women and these animals "affirms in front of the camera of France 3 Henry Kam, the creator and organizer of the Great Odyssey.

The Great Odyssey Savoy Mont Blanc - Teaser 2014 by grandeodyssee

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