Great Photo Contest 8in1!

Whether he deserves it a lot or deserves it just a little, your dog has the opportunity to win Auckland brand accessories and treats 8in1 .

To win, simply enter a new photo contest on the Facebook page 8in1 .

A photo contest for your dog

The theme of this contest has something to be original: you need to publish a photo of your dog by the time deserves the most reward (take care to have the photo in one of your Facebook photo albums)

When he gives the paw, when he makes his fried whiting eyes , when he is standing on two legs, or just when he is wise as an image... It's up to you to decide which picture best represents your dog when he claims (and deserves) a treat .

To play, follow these steps:
1. Become a fan of I educate my dog ​​with 8in1
2. Select the picture of your dog in the situation where he deserves the most a treat
3. Confirm your registration
4. Make your friends vote for your photo every day

Accessories and treats to reward your dog

You have until 2 May 2012 to submit your best shot and vote daily your friends

This is essential, the more friends you will vote for your photo, the greater your chances of winning.

You can vote once a day, so Spread the word!

The top photo contestants will receive Auckland props and 8in1 Delights

treats for their dog. Yum, for sure, he's already licking his chops.