Gravely ill, this dog has found the joy of life thanks to a donkey (Video of the day)

The story that links this dog to this donkey n ' may not be the most common but it is the most beautiful. And since their meeting a year ago in the hollow of an Italian barn, they never leave each other...

Once again, the animals prove that they have nothing to envy to the Man. And to prove it, a certain Felice Caputo posted a few days ago a video on Facebook in which he presents us his dog Shepherd of Anatolia called Kolima and Paolo... his donkey aged 6!

Since their meeting a year ago, the two hairy do not leave each other. Very quickly, the grison has indeed made the account of the disability of his four-legged mate and has therefore developed for her a special tenderness as shown in the images below:

Achievement of Wobbler Syndrome, badly caused by a malformation of the cervical spine that compresses the spinal cord, Kolima moves very hard and therefore spent most of his time lying down. But for Paolo she always finds a way to tap into her stock of energy and the least we can say is that he does it well. "I thought I had adopted a puppy but every day that passes it becomes clearer that it was mostly adopted by my donkey ", has also conceded the young man on the social network.

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