A governor graces a dog sentenced to death

Convicted of killing a dog and wounding a second dog, the pet canine was to be euthanized. But the association having collected it did everything to save him... and Paul LePage, governor of Maine (USA), recently decided to amnesty.

The life of Dakota the Husky was in suspense: in death row for several months, she was waiting for her last hour. Presumed responsible for the death of one of his and the injury of a second, recalls The Charlotte Observer , it was considered dangerous, must absolutely be locked up and firmly muzzled when she went for a walk. But rather than having her euthanized for her alleged aggression, the Waterville Area Humane Society decided to prove that the animal was not deeply naughty after collecting it after the abandonment by its former owners. She then split a letter to Paul LePage , governor of Maine, who had heard only the version of the masters who had lost their dogs.

"We find that she is an excellent dog, very friendly with the human race , and rather friendly with the canine genus ", said the missive.

The dog, pardoned by the governor

And the words of the refuge have seemed he found an echo. "I have re-examined the facts and I believe that the dog must be completely pardoned ", indeed declared the merciful governor on his website. A good news for the head of the association for whom "Dakota deserves a second chance"... especially as the dog has already found a new family in which there was no accident to be deplored.

An audience to seal the fate of the animal should also take place in the days to come. More than hope that the amnesty pronounced by the governor be followed...

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