Gomz: animal-shaped erasers

They have carded at Japan and USA , and here Gomz finally land in France

Les Gomz are erasers of all shapes and colors that you can collect, exchange with your friends... and who can correct your spelling mistakes!

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Gomz: it makes you want to have them all

The Gomz: 3 in 1

Finally a useful toy that you can collect, exchange and use at school. No risk of having them confiscated, the Gomz are used to erase your notebooks!

If you are a little tall to use erasers, why not fall back into childhood and recreate a colorful universe on your office?

It's also a nice gift for your children, nephews or nieces.

Many forms of animals

Collect small erasers animals, what do you say? There's something for everyone: hamster, cow, whale, rabbit, giraffe, panda, horse, elephant, dolphin, frog, cub, pig, duck, fish and even penguin.

The Gomz are not only of all shapes, but also all colors ! A blue giraffe? It's possible. A green hamster? It's possible too.

When you have a nice and big collection, you'll be able to do that:

Gomz Hamster Round

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