While going to eat, this cat is faced with an opossum and his reaction is great (Photos)

Which cat or opossum will have the last word?

As she goes quietly to her bowl to have a good meal as she is used to, this cat had the surprise of her life. There, in front of her, looking at her bowl is an opossum !

At this moment, two solutions:

  • is the cat runs away the opossum and eats his bowl
  • the opossum eats the bowl

"Uh, it's MY bowl"

Obviously, things happened in a rather surprising way and contrary to what one could believe, it is not is not the tomcat who got the upper hand in this duel at the top for some pâté.

«A little help please»

«My meal was accidentally given to this imposter»

«Tu Are you serious? !! Are you going to stay here to take pictures instead of helping me?

"Ok, we can share go"

"Ok I'll leave you alone"

"Dad? !!!!!! »

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