Give your cat a diet adapted to his breed!

Persian, British Shorthair, Ragdoll, Siamese, Norwegian, Maine Coon: all these cat breeds are very different from each other in terms of both physics and character, and therefore naturally have different needs. In particular in terms of food
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Customized kibble

To meet these specific needs, Royal Canin launched the range Feline Breed Nutrition , custom-made croquettes designed to bring the best to purebred cats.

This range has been designed to maintain the beauty and full health of the coat of each breed, be it the long fur of the Persian or the thick double coat of the Norwegian, but also the weight of the form of the cats with strong frames, such as the Main Coon or the Norwegian.

Feline Breed Nutrition also aims to stimulate intestinal transit and naturally eliminate hairballs, very common in long-haired cats such as Persian and Norwegian


2 new recipes

Royal Canin is the only brand thus proposing specific meals for the different purebreds, that they are are still babies or adults.

In 2013, the Feline Breed Nutrition range was enriched with two new recipes , specially designed for the Ragdoll and the adult Norwegian. They aim to promote the health of the skin and coat of these two beautiful tomcats, but also their joint and heart health, the Ragdoll being inclined to sensibilities of the heart.

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The Ragdoll