Give fish to your cat

Excellent source of protein, rich in precious oils, fish flesh culminates at the top of the nutritional pyramid of human nutrition. It is for this reason, as well as for other reasons that we will study, that it is necessary to give also to the cats.

The fish is rich in...

It is first of all an essential source of taurine , whose action has a truly life-saving effect on cats. Indeed, cats can not synthesize this amino acid essential for their survival. Taurine deficiency causes severe damage to the retina, resulting in blindness, degeneration of the heart muscle and extremely severe neurological damage.

This is why the cat's diet must include this element, which is present in high quantities including in tuna. Essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are also present in fish, especially North Sea fatty fish. These fatty acids have a natural anti-inflammatory action, they promote the healing of wounds and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Their deficiency can cause dryness of the dress and a greater irritability of the skin, in particular in the skin. individuals with allergic dermatitis. Vitamins A and D are widely present in fish and they are essential for the proper development of kittens

Fish is advised to...

All cats , naturally, but especially to allergic cats and cats obese

  • allergic cats s. With potatoes and tapioca, and in addition to the presence of the essential fatty acids mentioned above, fish is a complete and easily digestible energy source that a subject with food allergies tolerates without any problem.
  • cats obese . Lean fish, such as sole, are an alternative source of low-fat and low-caloric protein.

Fish is cooked...

Grilled or boiled in water, possibly with a bouquet of rosemary for the aroma. It is important to not give it raw because it can carry rickettsia, especially in the case of salmon and trout, responsible for serious cat disease known as "poisoning." by salmon."

Cooking eliminates this risk. In addition, cooking also eliminates the possibility for cats to catch a parasite , Diphyllobothrium latum, which is present in the larval stage in the muscles of freshwater fish and which, once ingested, turns cat's gut into tapeworm of several meters

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