Meet Philae, François Hollande's Labrador!

Two and a half years after his installation at the Elysée, François Hollande is finally following the presidential tradition! Like its predecessors, it now has a dog! A Labrador, gift from the French Veterans Federation of Montreal, has just taken up residence at the Elysee. At the height of his 3 months, the adorable black puppy, a small female , arrived in France on Christmas day.

It was then necessary to find a name for this pretty ball of hair. And it is finally Philae who was chosen, in reference to the robot that landed on comet Tchouri last November.

A garden that saw many dogs passing by

François Hollande had not had of dog since his childhood. But if we believe his advisers, he is delighted with the arrival of the little dog, like the staff of the Elysee. Born on October 5th in Quebec, Philae takes her marks in her new house and her garden, where she ran the dogs of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

The bitch of François Will Holland become as famous as Baltic, Labrador who spent 14 years at the Elysée with François Mitterrand ? The dog, to which Renaud dedicated a song, had even attended the funeral of his master in 1996.

Sumo, one of the Maltese Bichons of Jacques Chirac , was also talked about, but for all other reasons. The dog became aggressive after leaving the presidential residence. So much so that Jacques Chirac, bitten several times, had decided to part with him.