Genetic, a rare cat discovered in Canada

Genetic, this is the name that was given to a stray cat collected by the Mauricie SPA in Canada on July 11th. Very quickly, the refuge team discovered that this beautiful feline with dilute turtle shell was not like the others. Genetic is indeed a male, 99.9% of the tortoiseshell cats are Females

A question of chromosomes

The adorable Genetic owes its difference to a genetic mutation. Male cats, like men, have only one X chromosome in their DNA, while females have two. But it is from this chromosome that coloring depends. This is why the birth of male cats with such a mixture of tints is normally impossible.

" We have here the result of a rare genetic mutation that Genetic DNA presents. It is therefore a true male without any presence of female organs as are the rare cats with this characteristic , explains the SPA of the Mauricie in a statement.

If there exists in the world several specimens presenting this rare mutation - a magnificent tortoiseshell kitten was discovered at the beginning of the year in California - the veterinarian of the refuge said he had never seen one before. It was when he realized the sterilization of Genetic that he discovered that the animal was not hermaphrodite.

Like all animals in the shelter, Genetic was vaccinated and dewormed. He now only wants one thing: a loving family that will take care of him for the rest of his life. Its rarity will certainly attract many curious and cat lovers, but volunteers make sure to leave it in good hands.