Generous strangers help pay for the care of an abused dog

There is no greater joy than that of find a loved one who was missing . And the reunion between an animal and his master is one of the most moving scenes that can exist.

Yet when Kirk Knisely was finally reunited with his dog, his happiness was only short lived and his joy was tinged with deep sadness. For his faithful companion on all fours was seriously wounded, the result undoubtedly the ill will of some people not having the least consideration for the animals.

The great solidarity of the animal friends

Diamond (" Diamond ") escaped from his masters' house in Indianapolis (USA) during a moment of inattention. When she was found almost two days later, she was in a very sorry state . "It was just horrible. His head was bleeding and burned and his right eye was closed, "he says, moved. "I'm 47, and I've seen a lot, but I have not seen anything like it yet. She was taken immediately to the veterinary emergencies of the city, but the cost was too high : between $ 5,000 and $ 8,000 (between € 3,894 and € 6,230) for a skin transplant. A lot too much for the family, who then went to the Purdue Small Animal Clinic.

The Purdue doctors offered to clean and treat the injury for $ 170, which would at least allow Diamond to do not live with a gaping wound on the skull. Knisely and his daughter then began to collect the necessary money, when an old lady in the lobby proposed to help financially , not being able to leave this dog in this state. She then offered $ 50 to add to Knittle's meager kitty and daughter's. What a friend of this lady added $ 100 without the slightest hesitation. This money was used to temporarily heal Diamond, to the greatest relief of his masters.

Diamond, before his death - DR

But the solidarity of strangers and anonymous sharing the same love for animals as Kirk Knisely does is not stopped there. A prize pool has been launched online to allow Diamond to benefit from this skin transplant. Several thousand dollars have already been collected, and the number of donors does not seem to want to decrease. A beautiful chain of solidarity that warms the hearts of the Diamond masters, who thought they were losing their dog.