Geek attitude: simulate a dog walk

More geek than the Japanese, you die! The latter, experts in simulators, have invented a specially designed to walk his dog. This is the Sega brand - also the origin of the living stuffed Dream Cat Venus - who initiated this project.

After driving a jet ski, a Boeing, a kart or a bike, you can now walk your dog in the streets of Tokyo. But this is not a short walk, far from it!

You and your virtual animal - asthmatic by the way - will be confronted with obstacles worthy of the obstacle course: attacks of dogs carrying the rage, plague, cholera and contagious of course, crazy cars to avoid, crowded streets to cross...

Tokyo will prove to be a real jungle! So be careful not to cross without looking, otherwise dog will be transformed into a rug.

But unfortunately for us, poor Western, this game is marketed only in the "game centers" of Tokyo. The geeks of France will have to be satisfied with the ride proposed by Nintendog on Nintendo DS. Or a real walk. To change?