Funny Hobby for a Dog: Collecting Golf Balls

Tilly-Miss, a female Jack Russell terrier living in England, has a special hobby: since the age of 3 months she picks up all the golf balls that she finds in her way and brings them back to her master. In total, Tilly-Miss has already collected 18,000 golf balls ! What to do with all these balls? Selling them, of course.

The bitch and her master therefore have golf ball dispensers scattered throughout Europe in pubs, clubs and garages. But where does Tilly-Miss find all these bullets? The dog and her master live in a place where there are 15 golf courses within 16 kilometers . In other words, there are as many bullets from the sky as raindrops at home.

Every day, Tilly-Miss and her master do a 2 hours walk in the woods to find all these balls. In these winter days, golfers are rare but they manage to collect 30 balls daily. In fine weather, they can bring back to 100!

That's not all; then you have to check the condition of the bales, wash them before you can put them on sale. " Believe me, it's a real job full time! Since we started this activity, I've lost 18 kilos , says Gary.

The female Jack Russell Terrier is the ideal employee for this job: she loves to flush out bullets and its mouth has a shape that fits perfectly to the appearance of golf balls. So, she does not ruin them with her teeth! With all these balls, it might be time for Tilly-Miss to learn to play golf...