Frozen cat steaks and dead kittens found in a retired

In Bayonne, cat remains were found in the freezer and a piece of furniture of a woman, expelled from her home.

When they entered this apartment gone from Petit Basque to Bayonne on Tuesday morning, the team who came to evict the tenant did not expect to attend such a horror show. In the buffet of this retiree have been discovered the bodies of several kittens aged a few days and placed in the furniture recently since they were still hot, while in his freezer was found a whole cat and pieces of meat of cat, "steaks" describe the witnesses, taken from the skinned remains. The occupant explained that she did not have the means to keep them.

The SPA will make a complaint

The social landlord was quickly alerted and mandated the SPA who announced that she would file a complaint for acts of cruelty and barbarity on animals and to prosecute so that the tenant can no longer own an animal. "It's so unthinkable. It's crazy that kind of discovery, "exclaimed to Southwest Joëlle Turcat, president of the impound intercommunale. She was also responsible for collecting the 5 cats (3 males and 2 females) and the two kittens found alive at home. Some have already found foster families and others will wait at the shelter to be adopted.

The tomcats still alive were visibly well fed and the tenant even gave them croquettes before being evacuated. Neighbors claimed that several cats were defénestrés in this building but the police assured not to have been seized for maltreatment animals in this residence.

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