Frosty, the resurrected cat after being frozen

If the cats did have 9 lives, no doubt, the Frosty cat just used one. This poor little gray cat was found completely frozen on a road. The person who picked it up thought it was a piece of ice.
What was his surprise when the frozen block began to meow and began to move!

Dara Taylor tells The Chronicle-Telegram that she found the cat last Monday. Covered with ice, he seemed to have been plunged into the water and could not open his eyes . She then immediately took him to the Friendship Animal Protective League , an association helping abandoned animals and trying to find them a home.
The shelter provided the matou with all the care he needed. Frosty escaped with a respiratory infection and conjunctivitis, but today he is doing very well. He should very soon get back on his feet .

The little miraculate will be proposed to the adoption as soon as it is fully delivered.

Frosty was very lucky. He is not the only victim that the cold has done this winter in the United States. Several dogs were found dead frozen... And it is to make animal owners aware of the dangers of cold that four members of an association spent a whole night in niches a few days ago.