Friskies innovates with cat games on iPad

Do you like cats? new technologies ? You have iPad ?

Now, combining your two passions will no longer be a problem.

Indeed, the Friskies cat food brand launched in late May application intended not for humans but for cats !

Once again, Friskies innovates by offering original products and fun communication campaigns .

After the kibble in gold or movies made by the felines themselves, make room for video games for cats !

An application for cats "geeks"

Attention, your cat could quickly become addicted! Friskies' ' games for cats ' announce long hours of play to cats owned by an iPad.

For the moment, the kibble brand has developed three games for our little clerks:

- Cat Fishing
- Tasty Treasures Hunt
- Play Party Mix-Up

In these games, this is for the cat. catch fish or delicacies that appear on the screen. According to Friskies, the cat would develop its reflexes and intellect by playing regularly with these applications.

As time goes on, the feline can even gain points and access different levels, as in a real game for human. If you would like to know more (and understand English), visit the official Friskies Games website.

While waiting to attend "iPattes" competitions, discover the video presentation of games made by Friskies :

Video Games for cats, by Friskies

You have a dog? Too bad, Friskies had already advised you to choose a cat rather than a dog !

Are you among the owners of iPad ? Do you test these games?